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Differences Between Marketing Agencies and Advertising Agencies.

Small businesses will at some point want to increase their profits. This is the point where they will need the help of professional advisors who are termed as marketing agencies or advertising agencies also known as creative agencies. They both would be of help but they use different approaches in delivering their results.

Marketing agencies are more detailed as they offer consultation to clients on how to develop a marketing strategy or recommendations on marketing tips and sometimes communication services. On the other hand, advertising agencies are more specialized in communications through advertising as well as direct marketing.

There are characteristics that distinguish marketing agencies from advertising agencies.


The marketing agencies at personnel has knowledge on strategy development, marketing research and programs as well as product development.

The advertising agency staff include copywriters, artists, graphic designers who are compatible with media planning and creativity skills with an experience in creating ads to give more light on your product or service.



It's not a question of choosing between a marketing and an advertising at since both of them play different roles. If you aim at increasing revenue, the professional advisors will help you in product development and in choosing a marketing strategy depending on your available resources.


As well, the creative agencies through communication programs will work on delivering advertising campaigns that meet the company's strategy. It would be a waste to advertise without a marketing strategy.



Depending on your objective, you will consider which agency to hire or outsource. If you want to develop new products or find an advertising channel as well as coming up with a marketing strategy, then you will need the services of a marketing agency.To learn more about marketing agencies, visit


However, if you already have the products and a marketing strategy then you should hire a creative agency to deliver the campaigns. For both, its more cost effective to hire for a given period or outsource rather than having full time employees for the same.



If a marketing strategy is already in place, you will need the services of a creative agency to offer communication to your customers through their programs. For you to achieve your objective of maybe online advertising, direct marketing or press advertising the creative agency will be necessary.


You may as well prefer exhibitions and seminars and that's where the marketing agency comes in to offer advice on the best communication solution that is in line with your strategy.